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Perinatal Nursing Leaders

Community of Practice (PNL-CoP)



The PNL - CoP is a network of perinatal leaders in various roles in the Champlain and South East LHINs with the goal to provide a forum for nursing engagement and collective learning. The PNL -CoP focuses on clinical practice issues, implementation of best practices and nursing knowledge acquisition. It offers a venue for sharing initiatives and priorities within respective organizations and the region, while supporting CMNRP’s goal and strategic priorities. Members have a common sense of purpose and desire to work together to share knowledge, solve problems, cultivate best practice and foster innovation.


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Perinatal Substance Use Expert Panel



This Panel will provide guidance and expert opinion, informed by evidence-based literature and experience, about one of the most pressing maternal-newborn care priorities requiring attention within the region.


Specifically, we are soliciting applications from health and social service providers, and parents with lived experience in the Champlain and South East LHINs.


For more information please contact Christina Cantin ccantin@cmnrp.ca or 613-737-2660 x 3246.


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