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COVID-19 Postnatal Care Rapid Response Taskforce


The Champlain Maternal Newborn Regional Program (CMNRP) has the goal to improve perinatal care through integration of patient-focused planning at the regional level. This integrated regional program ensures consistent, standardized care across the Champlain and South East Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs), providing mothers and babies with appropriate, timely access to the right level of clinical services along the continuum of care.

The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the importance of ensuring a seamless, integrated health care system which allows postnatal families the ability to access appropriate follow-up care for the mother-baby dyad. 

This call for expression of interest is for individuals who are interested in participating in a rapid-response taskforce regarding postnatal care service delivery in the region (Champlain and South East LHINs). The purpose of this workgroup is to engage with families and perinatal health care providers to:

  • Identify the current state of postnatal care coordination, 
  • Determine the impact of COVID-19 on the implementation of the Provincial Council for Maternal and Child Health Postnatal Standards, and 
  • Identify innovative strategies to provide postnatal care, given challenges imposed by COVID-19. 

This workgroup will consist of members representing the demographic and geographic diversity of the region. Membership is voluntary and individual workgroup composition will reflect a variety of backgrounds, sectors, perspectives and expertise such as family representatives and perinatal health care professionals involved in postnatal care service delivery (including, but not limited to, nurses, obstetricians, pediatricians, family physicians, midwives, social workers, public health and community agencies representatives, lactation consultants). Online meetings will be held weekly or as determined by the project leads and workgroup members. 

To apply, please complete an online application by 1700 EST on June 4, 2020. All applications will be reviewed and successful applicants will be notified via email by June 10th

Please note: membership on this taskforce is limited to those who live and/or work in the region.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Christina Cantin, Perinatal Consultant at ccantin@cmnrp.ca







CMNRP and BORN Ontario have collaborated to create this infographic to help inform pregnant families about the safety of hospitals for accessing care and giving birth throughout pregnancy during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

You are encouraged to download and share this infographic through your social media channels, adding your organization’s contact information and other messaging that may be important to your families.


Download the English PDF version

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Download the French PDF version

Download the French JPEG version

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