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About Us

CMNRP is a network whose mandate is to provide leadership, support and coordination for the planning and delivery of perinatal health services in the Champlain and South East Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs).


With families’ voice at the center of what we do, CMNRP’s goal is to ensure high quality integrated services and care at the right time, at the right place, by the right provider along the continuum from pregnancy through the postnatal period.


CMNRP is composed of a network of perinatal health care providers from hospitals, public health units, community health centres, a birth centre and other community agencies - Working together on key initiatives to ensure standardized, data-driven, evidence-informed and family-centred care across the region.





Achieving the best health outcomes for childbearing families in Eastern and South Eastern Ontario.





We will optimize pregnancy, birth and postnatal outcomes as a foundation for a healthy population through partnerships and collaboration,and by building a high quality system of care across the perinatal continuum



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We accept responsibility for our services and are accountable to our health care partners and our community.



We work to engage and collaborate with partners and families, recognizing that our combined and collaborative efforts exceed what we can accomplish individually.



We act openly an

d truthfully with fairness and equity in all we do.



We are committed to health care excellence by promoting high quality, evidence-informed maternal-newborn care for patients and families, and education for health care providers.



We promote strategies that support expectant and new parents’ informed choices for their care and care of their newborn. We respect their autonomy in decision-making.



We lead the way to enhanced health care services and better outcomes for expectant and new parents, their newborns and families.




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