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For Families

Helpful Websites for Childbearing Families  


This resource has been developed to help childbearing families find useful and practical information about topics ranging from preconception through the first years of their child’s life.




Breastfeeding Resources


breastfeedinginfoforparents.ca: Provides information for parents on a variety of topics related to breastfeeding.


breastfeedingresourcesontario.ca: Breastfeeding plans; hand expression videos; soother/pacifier use.


lalecheleaguecanada:  Breastfeeding information and support.                                                                    


ottawabreastfeeds.ca: Breastfeeding information and support.


renfrewcountybreastfeeds.ca: Breastfeeding information and support.


General Resources


211ontario.ca:  Find health care resources in our community.


beststart.org:  Provides mulit-media resources in multiple languages.


caringforkids.cps.ca:  Provides parents with information about their child's and teen's helath and well-being.


connexontario: Provides information related to addiction, and mental health.


ontarioprenataleducation.ca: Prenatal education key messages for Ontario.


Omama.com: Trusted step-by-step guide to pregancy and you can download the App.


ottawabirthcentre.com:  The Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre website provides list of community events and services for expecting families and new moms


parentinginottawa.ca: Trusted resources on pregnancy and parenting, hosted by the City of Ottawa.


pregnancyinfo.ca: Facts on pregnancy and shidbirth from Canada's experts.


pcmch.on.ca  Information for parents on jaundice.


public health unit locator: Help in finding the nearest health centre.


thehealthline.ca:  Find health care resources in eastern and southeastern Ontario for mother and baby.


themothersprogram.ca:  help women who are contemplating pregnancy, are pregnant or are now new mothers, keep up-to-date on the latest medical information;


telehealthontario: Get fast, free medical advice through Telehealth Ontario, including breastfeeding 1-866-797-0000.


Looking for more resources?  Download this document



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