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Substance Use

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Download the Lactation and Cannabis Use: A Harm-Reduction Approach (November 2019)


Download the Perinatal Substance Use and Cannabis Resource (January 2020)


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Services & Programs in the Champlain and South East


Mental Health Services and Programs - Download Substance Use Services and Programs - Download




News reports


One-third of pregnant women don’t think cannabis will harm their babies: study (Global News, January 23, 2019)





Association between self-reported prenatal cannabis use and maternal, perinatal, and neonatal outcomes. (Jama June, 2019)


Trends and correlates of cannabis in pregnancy, Ontario 2012-2017  (Canadian Journal of Public Health, February 2019)


Women's perspectives about cannabis use … An integrative review  (Science Direct, February 2019)


Beliefs and attitudes regarding prenatal marijuana use (PubMed, January, 2019)



Clinical Practice Guidelines


Guidelines for the Identification and Management of Substance Use and Substance Use Disorders in Pregnancy (WHO, 2014)


Substance Use in Pregnancy (SOGC, 2017)



Policy / Position Statements


Marijuana use during Pregnancy and Lactation (ACOG, 2017)



Health Care Provider Resources


Cannabis: Implications for Pregnancy, Fetal Development, and Longer- Term Health Outcomes (Cook & Blake, 2018) 


Is Cannabis Safe During Preconception, Pregnancy and Breastfeeding? (Health Canada, 2018)  


Cannabis Use in the Childbearing Years: An Evidence Summary for Healthcare Providers (Saskatchewan Prevention Institute, 2018)  


CTV interview with Dr. Jocelyn Cook from the SOGC re: Cannabis in pregnancy and breastfeeding (October, 2018) (4:57 mins)  


Substance Use in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding: Opioids & Marijuana Dr. Kaylin Klie, MD, MA (October, 2018) (65:05 mins) 


Cannabis and Pregnancy: Getting Ahead of Policy (Thunder Bay District Health Unit, 2018)


Clearing the Smoke on Cannabis Maternal Cannabis Use during Pregnancy – An Update (Canadian Centre of Substance Use and Addiction, 2018)


Marijuana Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Guidance. For Colorado Health Care Providers Prenatal Visits (Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, 2017)


Doorways to Conversation (bilingual resource) (Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health, 2018)


Information for Health Care Professionals: Cannabis (marihuana, marijuana) and the Cannabinoids (Health Canada, 2013) 



Resources for Families


Pregnancy Info (SOGC, 2020)


Thinking about Using Cannabis Before or During Pregnancy  (Public Health Agency of Canada, 2018)


Thinking about Using Cannabis While Parenting (Public Health Agency of Canada, 2018)


What you Need to Know about Marijuana Use and Pregnancy (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, 2017)


Women and Cannabis (Education and Training Council, Alberta FASD Cross Ministry Committee, 2017)


Risks of Cannabis on Fertility, Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and Parenting (Best Start Resource Centre, 2017)


Marijuana and Breastfeeding (St. Josephs Healthcare Hamilton, 2015)


Cannabis in Canada – Get the Facts  (Health Canada, 2018)

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