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The Champlain Maternal Newborn Regional Program (CMNRP) is an integrated regional program whose goal is to improve perinatal care through patient-focused planning of quality maternal and newborn services in the Champlain and South East Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs).


CMNRP (previously PPPESO – Perinatal Partnership Program of Eastern & Southeastern Ontario) was formally established in 2010. Since then, a network of health service providers and organizations across the region have been working together on key regional initiatives to provide mothers, newborns and families with better access to high quality health services. Our integrated program helps ensure consistent, standardized and evidence-informed care across the region, providing mothers and babies with appropriate, timely access to clinical services at the right level of care, along the continuum from pregnancy to the postnatal period.


CMNRP is composed of a network of 13 hospitals, 4 public health units, community health centres, a birth centre and other community agencies that provide maternal-newborn services.


CMNRP is led by a Leadership Team (Regional Director, two Medical Leads and Executive Administrative Host); its secretariat includes a team of Perinatal Consultants, a Data Analyst and an Administrative Assistant to support the work of the program.


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