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Joint Orientation






Registration for Joint Orientation is limited to CMNRP's partner organizations. For more information on the program, please contact Christina Cantin, ccantin@cmnrp.ca.


The following workshops are included as part of Joint Orientation, but participants must register through CMNRP's regular workshop schedule:  Fetal Health Surveillance in Labour (FHSL), Labour Support, Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP), Breastfeeding, Perinatal Loss and Perinatal Substance Use. Information on these workshops can be found on our main workshop page. Click here.... 



Note: paper copies of the handouts will not be provided for each of the modules.  Please check your email for documents that the module educator has sent you to print or bring paper / notebook to take notes.


Registration is required to attend all of the sessions below.


Download the booklet...

Download the online registration instructions...


September 26

Introduction to Perinatal Care 

8:00-14:00 Self-directed Learning, Google Classroom

14:00-16:00 MS Teams


September 27

Labour Process, Part 1

98:00-12:00 MS Teams


September 27

Maternal Newborn Care, Part 1

8:00-12:00 MS Teams


September 28

Maternal Newborn Care, Part 2

8:30-12:30  Self-directed Learning, Google Classroom

13:00-16:00  Zoom


September 28

Neonatal Multisystem, Part 2

8:30-12:30  Self-directed Learning, Google Classroom

13:00-16:00 Zoom


September 30

Neonatal Mutisystem 4

8:30-12:30  MS Teams


October 3

Beyond the Basics, Part 1

12:00-16:00  MS Teams


October 4

Neonatal Multisystem 3

8:30-12:30  Self-directed Learning, Google Classroom

13:00-15:00 MS Teams


October 4

Beyond the Basics, Part 2

8:30-12:30  MS Teams


October 6

Neonatal Multisystem 5

8:30-12:30 Self-directed learning, Google Classroom

13:00-15:00  MS Teams


October 11

Neonatal Ventilation, 1a

12:00-16:00  Zoom


October 13

Neonatal Ventilation, 1b

12:00-16:00  Zoom



Workshop Locations


Joint Orientation is currently being offered virtually.


Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) 

401 Smyth Rd.

Cllick here for map...


Queensway Carleton Hospital

3045 Baseline Rd.

Click here for map...


The Ottawa Hospital-General Campus or Civic Campus

Click here for map...


The Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre

2260 Walkley Rd, corner of St. Laurent,  in the Canon Building

Click here for map...


Perinatal Professional Development Program
Posted Oct 11, 2017
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