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5th Annual Maternal Newborn Conference

"Challenging the Status Quo" 




The CMNRP spring conference attracts nursing, midwifery, family medicine, obstetrical and neonatal care providers from the region and beyond.  The conference aims to highlight the most exciting new research and practice changes in perinatology, bringing concepts and ideas to the clinicians who are practicing at the bedside.  This year’s conference will delve into clinical practice paradigms that challenge the way we have traditionally provided perinatal care throughout the region and beyond, highlighting the importance of patient and family centred obstetrical and neonatal care.




Day 1  Thursday, May 28th, 2015 
Mental Health In Pregnancy 

Dr. Gretchen Conrad &

Dr. Kerri Ritchie 

The Monarch Centre – A New Way for the Newborn 

Dr. David Millar 
In-Hospital Waterbirth – Making a Splash! 

Kelli Siegwart 

Ali McCallum

Amy Guy  

Navigating Pregnancy and Birth as a Transgender Man 

  Trevor MacDonald

When Too Many is a Crowd : Clinical, Ethical and Societal Impacts of ART's 

Dr. Amélie Dupont 
The OMAMA Project: Innovation in Mobile Health for Maternity Care  

Wendy Katherine 

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Day 22 Friday, May 29th, 2015       
An LGBT Experience: Becoming a Breastfeeding Dad  Trevor MacDonald

Using Evidence to Challenge the Status Quo - Rethinking

Common Perinatal Practices 

 Dr. Louise Dumas 

Universal Cardiac Screening - The Heart of the Matter

Dr. Nadya Ben Fadel  

Lifetime Perspectives of Very Premature Infants                                      

Dr. Saroj Saigal  
Human Milk Sharing - An Online Enterprise    Alicia  Papanicolaou

 Infant Mental Health

Dr. Jean Clinton 


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  CMNRP reserves the right to cancel and/or make program changes as required.  



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